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72 Hour Press

Have you evere wanted to reach the press without major monthly PR expenses or commitments? Saved By .Wavs now offers a la cart press release opportunities with over 30 major outlets, and can guarantee placement of the article. In most cases the article will be live within 72 hours of the story being accepted.

2% Of Every Sale is Donated

Saved By .Wavs is proud to announce that we donate to education every time someone purchases ANYTHING from our store.

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Saved By .Wavs is comprised of independent industry professionals, striving to empower artists and creators to build their own business and maintain ownership of their art. While we understand that an independent career may take longer to build, if we can continue to grow as a community, that will not always be the case. Our goal is to stay at the front line of the music industry revolution and continue to push the envelope both creatively and professionally. 

Our progress with PR is a major step for our business, and our way of sharing the right to freedom of speech, not just to musicians, but any and all businesses! This opportunity is not limited to the music industry.

In many cases, your story can be accepted and published within a 24 hour period, giving you unlimited, direct access to the public, as soon as you have something to share. 

We are excited to help build recognition for your business, and we are very excited to share your story!

Our Clients Say

"Saved By .Wavs helped me build a national brand and take a huge step forward in my industry. I have loved using this service, and very excited for future articles."

Jaxen Spurs

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